Saturday, 26 September 2009

Lethal Bizzle - Going Out Tonight

Sometimes, you can tell just by looking at a CD cover and listening to an artist for thirty seconds that you aren't going to find anything of substance. Lethal Bizzle falls under this practice and 'Going Out Tonight' is the single doing the rounds and quite frankly punishing my ears.

The first lines in 'Going Out Tonight' are "You want to play with the Bizzle" and "You wanna holla at the Bizzle", with this in mind, you can see where the song is going in terms of maturity and substance, quite frankly, a two year old could have written better opening lyrics. Musically, Bizzle follows that cliché late Friday night Radio One slot sound which involves distorted basslines driving the track as unmemorable 'lyrics' are spoken over. As always, melody is supplied in the form of female vocals cutting into the chorus, rocket science this song isn't, utterly rubbish it is.

Do you like to get off your face on drugs and booze as you attempt to dance and look cool? Do you like to put ridiculous things on your car that do not improve it in anyway? Do you enjoy winding down your window and playing music full blast as you shout at unsuspecting pedestrians? If I just described you, then chances are, you'll like this rubbish. If however, you actually have sense and enjoy substance in your music or at least an ounce of talent, then you'll be with me on this.

Lethal Bizzle gives urban music a bad name, just stop please.


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