Friday, 30 July 2010

The Gaslight Anthem - The Diamond Church Street Choir/Boxer

The Gaslight Anthem, a band who have been continuously heavily tipped with success over the last year and have been doing the rounds this summer with every British festival possible, have yet to impress me, but here is their latest single(s) to be released from their latest album 'American Slang'.

First track 'The Diamond Church Street Choir' is possibly the poppiest that i've heard The Gaslight Anthem and it must be said, it definitely works for them. Containing a bright, bouncing guitar melody that, along with the drums and bass really works in its attempt to get you tapping your feet before they march into the rockabilly-esque chorus that i'm sure many a drunk fan will be happily chanting in gigs to come. The second single, 'Boxer' is more upbeat and definitely touches upon a pop punk feel with Brian Fallon sounding very much alike Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba.

My issue with The Gaslight Anthem still stands though. While obviously talented at what they do, what they do comes across to me, as so contrived and unoriginal that I actually find it difficult to express any form of liking towards them. I must admit though, that while 'Boxer' is an absolutely unmemorable song and should never have made it as a single(which never bodes well for the album I feel), the other single 'The Diamond Church Street Choir' is definitely a summer tune and a half and it is worth any music fan checking this song out, just don't expect to fall in love with The Gaslight Anthem from that song alone.

3 / 5

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