Friday, 13 August 2010

Spring Offensive - The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters

So here is the new single from art-indie indepent band Spring Offensive, the fourteen minute single, free to download, coming fast on the heels of their self-released debut album 'Pull Us Apart'.

Inspired by 'The Grief Cycle', a five step insight created by psychiatrist Elisabeth K├║bler-Ross in an attempt to discover peoples methods in dealing with the difficulties in life, 'The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters' is broken down into several bite-size sections, and is as far removed from the bumbling up your own ass feel that comes from both concept records and also long tracks as can be.

If you have heard Spring Offensive before, then you will know exactly what to expect, drumming that provides a great backline to the band but is also original and challenging at the same time, while the guitar interplay is both bright and melodic working to its highest ability when combined with intelligently thought out lyrics.

'The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters' won't set the world alight, and I am still personally expecting better things from Spring Offensive but that aside, this is still a great place to discover the band.

3.5 / 5

Spring Offensive Myspace

You can download the single for free on August 20th by clicking here.

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