Friday, 22 October 2010

Callel - Body Discovery

It says everything that Callel have shared the musical stage with the likes of Paolo Nutini whilst gaining radio play on Radio One and favourable reviews in pretty much every Scottish publication there is, such is the mainstream gravitational pull of debut album 'Body Discovery'.

Melodic and unashamedly pop and indie, Callel seem to have a wonderful youthful naivity that interplays with the kind of song writing that for most, only comes with age. Opening track "Body Discovery" is a playful indie-pop anthem complete with a sing-a-long chorus, a crowd pleaser I'm sure, while "I'd Like To See Your Brain" however, is a contemplative take on emotional acoustic music which definitely takes a leaf out of Elliot Smiths book, whilst also vocally, at times, sounding very much like an early Daniel Johns of Silverchair fame, then you have "Best Foot On The Ground", an electronic, foot stomping track with the pop sensabilities that we have seen charge the charts of late with Alphabeat, etc.

It's clear that Callel have something, despite their youth, they seem to have musical muturity that many spend years grasping at. 'Body Discovery' isn't flawless, at times it feels like it doesn't flow, that perhaps Callel don't know what genre they want to fit into but I'm sure, given the right time and development, they will easily be one of Scotlands massive musical exports.

3.5 / 5

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