Friday, 2 December 2011

Everything Burns - Ghosts & Angels

Ghosts & Angels, the first single from their forthcoming second album, marks Cornish metallers Everything Burns return to the British music scene. Full of anthemic vocals, crushing rhythms and melodic lead guitar, Ghosts & Angels sounds very much like any of the tracks heard on debut album ‘Home’.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, ‘Home’ was a great debut after all, it would have be fantastic to hear the Cornish favourites grow on their follow up album. Instead, Ghosts & Angels sounds very much like it’s from an American metal/emo-light band that are ten-a-penny on music channels such as Scuzz.

This feeling of déjà vu can sometimes help a band gain fans from their contemporaries, but in the case of Everything Burns, I think I’ll listen to Finch or Funeral For A Friend instead.

2 / 5

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