Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dan Gilliver - Gone But Never Far

It's rare for music to be made so selflessly. Even if sales of a record are donated to charity it's normally a percentage but here we have 'Gone But Never Far' the debut single from acoustic singer songwriter Dan Gilliver, written as a tribute following the death of one of his best friends with ALL proceeds from the single (out Monday 13th February) going to support her family in this difficult time.

So what's 'Gone But Never Far' actually like? Well firstly, lyrically it could be dark, depressing almost, and I guess it is if you know why Gilliver has written the song but there is a definite implied hope, of seeing friends again someday, a beautiful sentiment that we can all relate to and find comfort in. Musically there are some really lovely touches, from the harmonized vocals that start the song, to the occasional use of piano, to the overdubs of vocals littered throughout the track that really add something and even the subtle hand claps (or clicking) that enter mid-way, not to mention that Gilliver really does have a sweet, warm natural tone within his vocals.

For a debut single there is a musical maturity in 'Gone But Never Far' that many acts take years to find and with an EP on the way I'm sure this isn't the last we will hear from Gilliver. Great stuff.

4 / 5

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