Monday, 16 April 2012

Tall Ships – T=0

There's a reason why people like me like buying vinyls. It isn't because we are up are own arses, or because we are in a time loop, but because there is something special about buying a vinyl, something independent, special and instantly rewarding.

I only have to look at my most recent buy, Tall Ships latest single T=0, to see why I put money into a vinyl product. A track that musically sounds like an evolution for the band, a bit Biffy Clyro, a bit Cave In, a bit 65daysofstatic, quite frankly a bit brilliant in my opinion, it's a step up for the band and gives me a huge level of anticipation for their forthcoming album. This single is that good you could give it to me wrapped in a bin liner and I'd still be happy but that isn't the way of records. Artwork hand-painted by the band themselves and hand numbered means that every fan who has ordered one instantly has something personal to them, add to that the actual record itself is a lush white and you have a flawless product. Then there's the fact that the band are on Big Scary Monsters record label, and supporting an indie label makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside every time.

April the 21st is record store day and there will be a whole host of bands vying for your attention with specially released records including the brilliant Artic Monkeys. But here with Tall Ships release we have a record that sums up everything great about records and about independence and thus everything about record stores. So buy T=0, I guarantee it'll make your stomach do a happy dance.

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