Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Cinematics - Love And Terror

After The Cinematics first album 'A Strange Education', released on TVT records, hit the shelves, there was a buzz in certain circles, a buzz that these guys would be a band who could achieve some mainstream success; this band could really do this. Fast forward and you have the same old story for most bands currently; the label receives financial trouble and the future for The Cinematics and the release of their second offering 'Love And Terror' looks bleak and unlikely at best but luckily, The Orchard stepped in and despite most on the TVT roster becoming homeless, The Cinematics retained a record label and 'Love And Terror' has finally seen the light of day.

'Love And Terror' isn't the rousing swansong I expect it to be though, after such a potential breakdown, I expected The Cinematics to come out, all guns blazing, full of urgency and a new lease of life, I’d even heard rumours that their new material contained a more raw sound that you'd expect to hear live more than on record. Where these rumours came from I do not know but I don't think the Editors-esque offering of 'All These Things' with its Bloc Party drumming is reminiscent of any rough and raw band. The Cinematics are clearly a band that wear their influences on their sleeves with 'Lips Like Yours' sounding akin to Echo And The Bunnymen and 'Wish' containing The Cure-esque guitar sound from the 'Boys Don't Cry' era, it would be obvious if you said that The Cinematics have just listened to great music from the past and looked at what has been popular indie-wise in the last five years and basically copied that formula.

Although not hugely original, there are some fine moments in 'Love And Terror', the title track for me, is its main stand-out, with a groove orientated riff supported by a rousing bass line and dark eighties tinged vocals, this is the sort of track that could easily have worked on the oh so brilliant Donnie Darko soundtrack. These moments are few and far between though and on a ten-track album, you really shouldn't be wishing for the end after track four.

Finally, in an attempt to not be completely negative about this record, I will say this; 'Love And Terror' is a slab of that dark brooding Joy Division MTV2 indie that bands like Editors have achieved mainstream success with and I can't see why any fan of Editors wouldn't necessarily buy into this, especially when Editors new material sounds so wrong.

2.5 - 5

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