Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Shelley Short - A Cave, A Canoo

Shelley Short isn't a name I have come across previously, in fact, I’m not sure if hers is a name that many music lovers have come across previously but that isn't because she releases absolute rubbish, no, that would be a lie and in all honesty Shelley Short is something of a revelation. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Short has been steadily releasing albums and touring with the likes of M Ward (Who you may know from the works of Bright Eyes), which you would think would have gained her a bit of recognition, but as I’ve not heard of her, I’d argue that she isn't a folk star yet.

That is all set to change with the release of 'A Cave, A Canoo', which is full to the brim of beautiful guitar melodies and Laura Marling sensibilities just minus the quirky lyrics but plus an experimentation that makes Short far more interesting and European sounding at times. Mainstream and predictable this isn't but at times, you can imagine Short fitting in nicely on an episode of Jools Holland. Tracks like 'Racehorse' build up and sooth back down to brilliant effect alongside the eerie lo-fi qualities of the beautifully vulnerable 'Tap The Old Bell'. If you don't listen to this album carefully, you miss out, car music or doing the housework music, this isn't but I don't think anyone will better this effort when listened to through headphones, staring out of your window on a rainy day.


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