Friday, 12 November 2010

Allie Moss - Late Bloomer

Television has a strange way of turning us onto certain music, whether it is a well placed song in the softest romantic part of our favourite American drama, or a musical accompianment to an advert, we are often subliminally force fed music we perhaps wouldn't have heard from otherwise, and such is the case with me and Allie Moss.

'Corner', the fantastic piece of music featured in the latest BT infinity advert is only one tenth of the songs contained on Moss' debut album 'Late Bloomer', so what can we actually expect from this album, is it acoustic singer song-writer genius, or merely just one small flash in the pan?

'Late Bloomer' firmly has its feet in the acoustic pop middle of the road music section, it isn't different enough lyrically to be with the likes of Laura Marling but it does spark of Katie Melua, just with more maturity and less depression. It's radio friendly and soft on your ears, your mum will probably like it, but while this is something that I would normally fight against, with 'Late Bloomer' I just can't and while the winter is heavily upon us, I am desperately needing something full of beautiful melodies to remind me of the summer, and for me, this album is it.

Expect big things from Allie Moss if this album is anything to go by, a fantastic talent.

4 / 5

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