Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Last Republic - Parade

There was once a time when a glowing endorsement from Radio One, or sold-out gigs, or the likes of Foo Fighters' Chris Sheldon producing your album would have been enough for me to be interested in a band, but not anymore, no, this seems to be a ten-a-penny reference that many bands seem to try to push to sell their record. What I want to know is, do The Last Republic actually have songs to back up this referencing, or are they destined to be yet another almost band, acclaimed by many in the know but bought by bugger all in the market?

Let me start off by saying The Last Republic have something, I'm not sure what it is, but they have it and they showcase it in 'Parade' by the bucket load. Imagine if Muse got out of their own ass for a second and realised what made them popular in the first place and mix this with perhaps the vocals of Lostprophets and you will probably be in the mindset that The Last Republic must have been in when they created this record, these aren't songs, they are grandiose pieces of art, every song is easily a single which is rare for a debut album these days.

I wonder if the Muse tag has been thrown about enough for The Last Republic, it could potentially be their downfall but lets take nothing away from this band, 'Parade' is a great record, and should see the band reaching the heights of better things. A band to watch out for.

4 / 5

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