Friday, 12 November 2010

Everything Burns - Home

What happened to all those metalcore, emocore, hardcore, or whatever plus the word core bands that I listened to when I was seventeen (let's not go into how long ago that actually was please)? Generally, they disappeared, because let me level with you here....they just weren't very good. Obviously the good ones are still around with Glassjaw, Norma Jean and on the lighter side Finch, still recording and touring but there is still room for another band to muscle in on the act, could that band be Cornish based Everything Burns?

Debut album 'Home', released on the ever growing UK metal label Rising Records ticks many of the boxes that a metal band should, highly technical and driven guitar play underpinned by frantic but at the same time intelligent drumming and also, the dreaded screaming that became somewhat cliché and over-used for my liking in the genre. What Everything Burns have that many don't, is a knack for melodies, with every song anthemic in its own right, opener 'Scars', alongside fan favourite 'Me Vs You' showcase this and the band perfectly, with the emphasis on emotive lyrics alongside passionate singing (not to mention, they ignore the tired scream verse sing chorus formula).

Until today, I would have happily said that emotional metal is dead, but I'm glad to say that Everything Burns are definitely here to prove me wrong. This release obviously isn't going to win everyone over, but with a ever growing touring schedule and this album behind them, they are hot on the heels of the genre's heavyweights.

3.5 / 5

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  1. I agree that kellows powerful vocal range and lyrical content is amazing! Jez is a supereb drummer with original and complex catchy beats, chinns simple yet offective catchy melodies and ripping licks really make a awesome sound for this band, with Vince's vocal harmonys and beefy riffs really pulling everything together!! And of course phill's simplistic bass lines complementing the kit bringing it all together and finishing the 5 piece, making it one of the best bands iv ever heard!! And there live performances are amazing full of life and worth seeing!!! A MUST FOR CHRISTMAS!!! GO BUY IT!!!!!!